Mar 15

Christian Slater is a fantastic actor and role model here are his top 5 moments in all its glory.


1. 1989 Epic Slater Look, the young skater Slater with knee protection and all, captures the style and look of the 80's era and no one can make it look so natural and cool like Christian Slater


2. When Slater Holds a gun and smirks. Slater can pull off a bad guy and a good guy, in this picture he is young and still looks friendly enough, one of our favorite movie of breaking the boundaries of a teen movie, very ahead of its time and this is why we love Christian Slater!


3. Very young Slater with almost the dumb and dumber Jim Carey bowl hair cut but still looking marvelous. We like all looks by Slater and he still looks cool pulling off his dumb face. Surely this is why he became an action movie star and not a comedian like Jim.


4. The Mobster Slater, we like the god father Slater in the 1991 film the Mobster, the hair greased and pulled back, with black suit and put him on a leather couch and dimly lit room and you have yourself a killer look like Don Carlione from the God Father. If only he could pull off the raspy voice.. wait he can! Slater is adaptable to any role.


5. Chosen by the female fans in our group, the Slater with no shirt, and messy hair, with glass of water because I just had wild sex look. Christian Slater is cool because there is an edgy side of him where you are not sure if he will be kind to you in person or an ass hole. But we like this dangerous side about Slater and the female fans do to. Don't ever lose your edge Christian! keep taking names and taking down bad guys! or be a bad guy! we love you either way, not by the roles you play alone but the altruistic person that you are! We are sure he kills females with that stare and half smirk. Men envy the look and women fall like dominoes.