Mar 15

We are Christian Slater Fan Group that was founding in Michigan and this blog is designed to attract other Christian Slater fans nationally.

Our vision and goal is to make our group big enough to get Mr. Slater's attention and have him attend one of our own private fan meet and greets in Michigan or wherever.

So please add this blog to RSS Feed, favorite it, and continue to follow it, we want to grow it as best we can. Even if Slater doesn't take notice so soon, we want more people to get to know about the amazing Christian Slater and unite and grow his fan base.

If you have never heard of Christian Slater, you are missing out. We need more roles for him because he simply pulls off certain characters that is irreplaceable in our opinion. Whether he is holding a gun, playing a mobster, or a father of children and husband to beautiful wife he just look cool always!


So let's gather around, trade stories about Slater. How he looks awesome holding a gun!

How he looks awesome posing on red carpet! Unlike the overly hyped Hollywood actors in today's era that get roles because of their name.

This blog is dedicated to gather Christian Slater Fans from all over the world, and create a following to grab his attention. We want him to keep doing movies for the next 20 years and we want to see more new roles by him. So with your support in this blog. We hope to create more Christian Slater fans all over the world to get more people to see his films and buy his past DVD's.

We want to ultimately meet Chrisitan Slater one day and thank him for a decades worth of great movies he has given us and the unforgettable characters that he has played which we believe only Christian could have pulled off. We feel that he deserves the highest accolades in the world of Cinema and will continue to watch over him in support and wish him all the best in the future.

Most of all, we want to connect with other Christian lovers and help other fans across the world connect with each other and share ideas and loving thoughts about Mr. Slater and all the wonderful work he has been involved in. Everyone has their favorite actor and actress, this site is dedicated to those that have a special place in their heart for Christian.

We love you Christian Slater!