Mar 15

Preparing for the fantastic Slater Event


So we're still all on board with the Christian Slater meeting in Royal Oak. We booked the limousine with local company, hired a catering service and rented out a banquet hall where we can meet up and watch some of his movies. So yes, everything is in the books and it is officially all set to go.

Preparing for an event like this is very fun, ever since I was in elementary school I was always into event planning. I have been class president many times and always enjoyed organizing events whether that was the field day trip or starting my own dance team in High School and planning events and attending competitions with my teammates.

I get a real kick out of being the host for people and seeing them enjoy themselves and tell me how the event has been great. This is part of the reason why I would throw parties at my university house almost every other weekend, and I would have everyone from my high school that attending that school attend my parties.

So for Christian Slater fan club, you better believe I am applying everything from my experience to throw one great get together for all of us. Believe me, attend this event and you will not be sorry.


Again here is the brief overview of what you can expect from the event.

  1. Meeting in the morning in the nice big banquet hall
  2. Everyone gets name tags and we introduce each other and play few group games designed to get everyone loosened up, of course the games will be themed around Christian Slater, some questionaires about his work and movies
  3. Then we will watch 1 movie of his in our own private theater
  4. Off to Lunch
  5. After lunch we go outside and do some out door activites
  6. we watch one more movie
  7. when night time rolls around, we will get some drinks! no need for BYOB we will have it all prepared for you from wine, beer to liquor of all kinds
  8. Then we will take a party bus down to downtown Detroit and hit up some dance clubs!

It's going to be an epic day and the admission ticket is only $35 !!!

That includes lunch, liquor & limo time!

It doesn't get much better than this.

Since its already been 1 year since our last event, I already greatly miss some of you that attended last year from all over Michigan and out of state. I can't wait to meet more new faces and get really nerdy with you all about Christian Slater, I know there is equal number of male fans and female fans so you never know... there might be some interesting mingling happening that night!

Just so you know, I write this blog as a hobby but my real talent is event planning and coordination. You will be attending one of the best events you have attended all year that I can almost guarantee, And I've been to various other events this year like Comic Con and few others, and its all great and everything but nothing is as personable and intimate like this event I am throwing.

First of all, we all have very similar distinct commonalities. and that is of course that we are die hard Christian Slater fans, and second of all we all, I have found that most Slater fans are very interesting people with other interesting hobbies and things going on in life, and everytime you get all those people together in one room, it makes for a tremendously interesting conversation!

So anyway I can't wait for this year's Christian Slater meeting so make sure you contact one of us and reserve your position today!

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