Jun 15

How to make Slater Fan Club Bigger and Well Known


My friend's father owns a tree service and because he's a entrepreneur he has several traits that make him quite proficient in making his brand bigger on massive levels. Those areas we seldom remember but it is really important for this fan club and on the path to become an entrepeneur.

You see if you ever want to go ahead in life you can't look at the past or to other people that's on the same level as you. You have to become a producer, and you have to reach out to people above you. When you make the commitment to success you owe it to yourself to stay driven towards your dreams & goals. No matter what adversaries come up, you really have to commit 100% to it and make it your duty & your mission to see through to the end.

In the Slater Fan club we always had a vision of reaching out to many people around the world and leveraging our talent and skills making one cohesive unit that brings tremendous amounts of value to people. I am all about striving for more and that means personally and for my life.

I'm interested in becoming the best person I can be to accomplish my dreams & my vision

Here Jordan gives us a really nice explanation of how we are driven as human beings to certain goals that make all the difference.

I am going to be the best person that I can be so that I can live as role models for others and inspire others that life is about unlimited possibilities. I want to show the world that success is possible to anybody regardless of age, race, looks, sex or creed. I am tremendous in my will power and I use the morning to leverage my human abilities to produce content that will continue to produce income for me month after month. I am focused like a laser in the morning to create a habit of producing properties that will make income for me while I sleep. I am 100% committed in the morning to produce products that's going to turn me into a millionaire. I am laser guided like a rocket ship to leverage other people's abilities so that I can achieve my goals & desires.

I make prospects all across United States. And this was all the knowledge that was getting dropped by the tree service guy. Which inspired me to another vision, someday I want to become a motivational speaker. I want to stand up in a crowd and using my power of influence & persuasion, I want to speak eloquently like Jordan Belfort and influence a crowd and empower them. I want to be a force out there that goes out raising other people's states. Everybody feels better after they meet me and talk to me, beautiful women, older women, men with power, kids with hopes & dream. I make them feel great in my presence because I come to a place where I no longer need anything from the outer world, but I am only seeking to give.

To this is what true spiritual growth means, when you no longer seek validation & approval from the outer world and you simply just give it to yourself. When you become free from the world and then you are empowered to give so much more.

I am an empowered human being, who's only mission is to give to the world everything and in unlimited abundance. Wow that is inspiring and this is the kind of person I WILL become. I MUST become. SOON.

I will high recommend this guy's tree service because when he's talking at this level you know he will treat you right

His business is Lake Orion Tree ServiceĀ 

Jun 15

What's great about Mr. Slater, Goals for 2015

2015 made out of large group of thumb up silhouettes

2015 made out of large group of thumb up silhouettes

Our hero Slater come from very humble background but made it to the big screen, he shows us that every thing is possible in life when one becomes committed to his or her life path. He shows us the realm of unlimited possibilities, he show us that self acceptance and self love is possible where you no longer seek love & approval from others but you only look to give love to people.

He show us that hard work and being comitted to one's goals and desire is the true way to live.

I want to now expound on what I've been learning from Mr. Slater and how it correlates with my life.

How do you want to spend most of your days?

Time is going to pass by anyway, how do you want to live most of your days? What is the ideal day for you?

I want to wake up everyday and on fire for my life purpose. I want to make a positive impact on strangers everyday. I want to build strong, positive long term relationship with new business owners everyday. I want to provide tremendous amounts of value for my clients everyday. I want to become the leader in online marketing and driving in revenue. I want to completely dominate Michigan and every city and in every niche. I want to be friends and in buisness partnership with every single type of business in Michigan. I plan on having 100 clients in 2 years. I plan on making $10,000 by August. I am committed to becoming a millionaire by 30. I will never worry about money again. I will help my family, my grand parents and I will clear the money karma all down the lineage and ancestory. I will live as the highest evolved human being in my lineage. I will set an example for how others may live an extraordinary life with unlimited possibilities. I transcend all physical limitations like Stephen

I lead the way towards success abundance and wealth. I am incredibly fortunate and grateful to be alive. I can't change the past so I accept it unconditionally. I can't change the other person so I accept them unconditionally. I speak like an influencer. I operate at the highest level in sales and persuasion.

I do not allow women to take over my life purpose and mission. I will spend everyday on fire and work towards expanding my business. I am 100% committed to my success and to become a millionaire by 30 or before. I will become the top producer in JK. I will inspire others to live a life of abundance.

I am extremely motivated and driven towards my goals, my vision & my dreams.

As you can see I want to get inspired and want to operate at the highest level, & dominate whatever market I am in.

I associate myself with millionaires. I make friends with successful people, and people that make more money than me.

I am a person that achieves goals and have high standards in life. I have the skill of persuasion and influence to make sales therefore I will always be rich and successful. I love sales.

-Will you begin reaching for your dreams?