Mar 15

Gathering of Christian Slater Fans in Royal Oak, MI


This blog has been a transfer from previous site we had but the owner due to personal reason could not keep up with site maintenance, so we decided to convert the Christian Slater Fans site into a blog.

Here a collective of our writers will blog about what we go through in daily life as Christian Slater Fans and of course share the best about Christian Slater.

So our group is not brand new but we are coming up on the 5th year anniversary soon and we want to have a State and Nationwide meeting in Royal Oak, where we want to rent out a big theater and watch Slater movies as well as gather people around in a banquet center and do a meet and greet with the fellow Slater fans. Unfortunately we are not big enough to get Christian to come but maybe someday.

We did this event last year and it was super fun, we had a lot of people show up and we had great food by the best restaurant in Michigan that brought us delicious subs and pizza. It was a big success because we got to meet in person with other Slater fans and get to geek out on some of the old films he did and the crazy ones. What the underlying meaning of each movie meant and stuff, it was exciting to meet your fellow Slater fans because you instantly form connections and never run out of stuff to talk about!


The average age group from last event was over 22, and it was held during the day time so everyone was relaxed but for the next event one member suggested that we should all go get drinks. And yea we agree to getting drinks and going out at night possible for the next event and everyone seemed to get excited at the thought of that.

So for this year, we are planning on a little night out on the town and possible get a limousine or party bus for the event that will take us around down town Royal Oak or downtown Detroit or other places whatever the members desire. It would be nice because we wouldn't have to worry about safety issues of having drunk drivers and having people become Designated Drivers. We want everyone to have a great time so for us it seems a party bus is a great option.


At the moment we are calling different limousine companies in the local area and there is one Royal Oak Limo company that has our interest partly because they seem to have the coolest limos and a big party bus with Bathroom. We thought that if we have a big party bus with bathroom then it would just be fun to get rowdy inside the bus alone and going to different venues would just become the cherry on top.

So if you want to join a group of die hard Christian Slater fans, in a night of celebration of Mr. Slater's work and possibly getting into some dangerous action like in his movies like drinking till dawn, then you definitely want to attend our 5th year anniversary of Christian Slater Fan Club in Royal Oak, Michigan. You will not regret it. The night will be filled with geeky talk about Christian Slater and ridiculousness about just having fun in a party bus and all the adventures that ensues from that.

-Stay tuned, if you are interested in attending the fan meeting you can shoot an email to [email protected]

Hope to see you soon

-Slater Fans